3 Stars

Week 37
September 15, 2017

3 Stars 2017 Week 37

  1. Karl Dickson Rugby Referee
  2. Steve Woods NFL Football Umpire
  3. The Unknown Umpire

These are the 3 Stars selected for Week 37 in 2017. Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t, but read on below to find out why they were chosen. They were selected from posts that were added somewhere on the Officials101 website in the last 7 days. Stay tuned next week to find out who are the most notable referees, umpires and sports officials in the world today.

3rd Star

Looking at this picture of a Baseball Umpire talking to a very young lady player is like holding a purring kitten. I am always on the lookout for ‘feel good’ type posts and this one gives it up in spades. For all the glamour and excitement of professional sports, and the grit and grind of those who are trying to get there, this photo reminds us of the simple joy of the game. Never forget where you came from and treasure all the small moments of the journey. The Unknown Umpire gets 3rd Star this week

2nd Star

Steve Woods is now an NFL Football Umpiree after making his debut in the Broncos and Chargers game the other night. This post shows that there are rookies at every level of officiating. It is important that young referees and umpires believe in themselves and trust in their training and know that being a rookie is an experience that will be felt over and over again as they climb the ranks of their sport. Even when they reach the pinnacle of their game. Steve Woods, Rookie NFL Football Umpire, is 2nd Star.

1st Star

Karl Dickson is a Rugby Referee. He is a former professional player before he took to the whistle a few years ago. Dickson has changed his perspective about officiating and the level of fitness that is required to do the job. I find it interesting to watch players in their transition to becoming an official. Their view of the game is different and they see a whole new world open up for themselves. It becomes a challenge for some of them that gives a similar thrill as playing. It is different of course, but similar. Anyways, I always find it interesting to watch their journey and hear their insights. Karl Dickson is 1st Star for Week 37.

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3 Stars Archives This weekly feature began on January 22, 2016. We began writing about it in the blog in January 2017.

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