Without Officials it is just a practice.

Without Officials it is just a Practice!

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3 Stars 2017 Week 11

3 Stars Week 11   March 17, 2017 John Higgins Basketball Referee Perry Barber Baseball Umpire Jennifer Huggins Boxing Referee These are the 3 Stars selected for this week. Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t, but read on below to find out why they were chosen. Stay tuned next week to find out who are […]

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3 Stars 2017 Week 08

3 Stars Week 08 February 24, 2017   Laurine Delforge FieldHockey Umpire John Higgins Basketball Referee Harry Shearer Simpson’s Softball Umpire Voice 3rd Star This week was a special one at the Baseball Hall of Fame. An episode of The Simpson’s called ‘Homer at the Bat’ became the first TV episode to ever be honoured […]

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3 Stars 2017 Week 04

3 Stars Week 04 January 27, 2017 Darren Spurgeon Hockey Women in Baseball Halfling Referee 3rd Star 3rd Star goes to the Halfling Referee post made by the Circus of Paint twitter account shows the Blood Bowl Referee figurine from Forge World. Always on the lookout for the weird, wacky and wonderful in the world of […]

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