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Rolanda Hooch played by Zoe Wanamaker
The sport of Quidditch is a product of the mind of JK Rowling in her magical Harry Potter series. The first of the Quidditch Referees the world was introduced to in The Philosopher’s Stone book of 1997 was Rolanda Hooch.

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Quidditch RefereesIn 2005, Xander Manshel and Alex Benepe created a Muggle version of Quidditch in Vermont USA, that has grown into a worldwide sport with over 500 teams.

Mostly played at colleges and universities, the game uses a variety of referees to arbitrate the games and teams of officials must all work together to manage the match. The sport of has been able to flourish and now has a number of national associations that will compete in the World Cup. The future looks bright and exciting for this game as technology catches up with imagination.

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