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Rookie RefereeThe Youth Sports Officials Collection contain links to referees and umpires who call the shots for youth sports. This collection was actually started to showcase the photos of cute babies and kids wearing the stripes that are routinely posted by happy parents and it just sort of expanded from there. Now it also includes kids who are officiating in a variety of sports around the world and the adults that are working the youth games.

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The Future

The future of refereeing and umpiring lies on this page. Get a glimpse of World Cup referees and World Series umpires decades before their big games. Watch them as they learn and grow and win awards and advance through the systems. Often starting in PE classes at school, the leadership and organizational skills that will be needed to excel as an official are taught to kids. Whether they actually make it to World Cups and World Series does not really matter. What matters is that the future of sports in in great hands!

Have fun with this one. It is great to see these kids starting on their journey and watching their progress as they grow and learn.

There are over 100 pages of referees and umpires across the website, highlighting dozens of sports. The site was created using over 10,000 Twitter posts and retweets. Plus, we added hundreds of links, videos and podcasts from around the world. Providing easy access to education, entertainment and important information to sports officials of all stripes. Thanks for visiting today. We hope to see you again! Have an excellent day!

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