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Rugby Touch Signals Supporting CastBeing a referee or an umpire is not an easy task and requires a support system. The Supporting Cast Resources and Collection page contains links to assistants, mentors, loved ones and more.Supporting Cast Penguin

The people behinds the scenes who almost never get noticed are celebrated in this collection. You will find the new VAR, or Video Assistant Referee, all the regular old assistant referees, scorekeepers and timers, amongst this fascinating look at what is going on away from the spotlight. There are field maintenance workers, course designers and Zamboni drivers too. Learn all about rules and signals and you can even see how the Acme Thunderer Whistle is made. Somehow there are even posts with dogs, alligators and team mascots.

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Have fun with the page as we honour those who are crucial to the success of all referees and umpire, but who almost never get the recognition they deserve. Use it to learn how to be the best supporter in your association or to teach others to do the same.

Podcast About Teamwork:

While you explore the Supporting Cast Collection below you can listen in as Brandon Bourgeois of Team Stripes talks with hockey referees, Logan Bunn and Alex Estabrooks, about Teamwork and Communication for officials. Some good insight here for teams of officials and working together in any sport.

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