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The Officials101 A-Z List of Sports Rules

The A-Z List of Sports Rules are links found all over the Officials101 website. After getting requests to gather the rules links and put them together, the A-Z List of Sports Rules was born. Keeping it simple for referees and umpires in all sports! Have fun!


Aquatics Rules

FINA Rules and Regulations Diving, Swimming and Water Polo
IWWF Barefoot Water Ski Rules – English pdf – Inter’l Water Ski and Wakeboard Fed.
IDBF Dragon Boat Racing Rules – Inter’l Dragon Boat Fed.
2015 Technical Rules – Waterski for the Disabled pdf
Surfing Rules and Regulations – WSL World Surf League

Archery Rules

Rules of Archery – Olympic Channel

Armwrestling Rules

WAF Armwrestling Rules – English pdf – World Armwrestling Fed.

Athletics Rules

IAAF Rules and Regulations multiple languages
Track and Field Rules and Regulations 


Badminton Rules

Laws of Badminton – World Badminton

Baseball Rules

Little League Baseball Rules – Little League Baseball

MLB Baseball Rules – Major League Baseball Rules
MLB Baseball Rules – English pdf – Major League Baseball Rules
MLB Baseball Rules – Spanish pdf
– Major League Baseball Rules
T-Ball House League Rules – Ancaster Baseball

Basketball Rules

FIBA Basic Basketball Rules
FIBA Basketball Rules
Basketball Rules
NBA Video Rulebook
English pdf NBA Rulebook
English pdf NBA Casebook

Biathlon Rules

Biathlon Rules – Biathlon Ontario

Billiards Rules

see in Cue Sports

BodyBuilding Rules

IFBB BodyBuilding Rules – Int’l Fed. of Bodybuilding and Fitness

Bo-Taoshi Rules

Bo-Taoshi Rules – An introduction

Bowling Rules

Bocce Ball Rules
Bocce Ball Rules – Basic Backyard Bocce
English pdf Bocce Ball Rules – US Bocce Fed.
Bocce Ball Rules – Beach

Bowling Rules – Bowl.com
BCGBA Laws of the Game British Crown Green Bowling Assn.
PBA Bowls Rules – Professional Bowls Assn.
World Bowling Rules and Statutes pdf

5 Pin Bowling Rules
9 Pin Bowling Rules
10 Pin Bowling Rules

The Rules of Bowls
Candlepin Bowling Rules
Duckpin Bowling Rules
Irish Road Bowling Rules
Lego Robot Bowling Rules
Petanque Rules
Shuffleboard Bowling Rules
Team Bowling Rules
Wacky Bowling Rules – English pdf10 pin
Wheelchair Bowling Rules
Wii Bowling Rules – English pdf

Boxing Rules

AIBA Boxing Rules – International Boxing Association


Combat Sports Rules

Boxing Rules – see Boxing
Fencing Rules – 5 Main Rules of Fencing
Martial Arts Rules – see Martial Arts
Wrestling Rules – see Wrestling

Cricket Rules

ICC Rules and Regulations – International Cricket Co
Lord’s Laws of Cricket – Marylebone Cricket Club

Cue Sports Rules

3 Ball Rules – Billiards Forum
8 Ball Rules – English pdf – World Eightball Pool Fed.
9 Ball Rules – World Pool-Billiards Association
10 Ball Rules – US Professional Poolplayers Assn.
American Rotation Pool Rules – ABC
Bank Pool Rules – flyordie.com
Blackball Pool Rules – Blackball UK
Bumper Pool Rules – Billiard World
Carpetball Rules – National Carpetball Assn.
Pea Pool – Dooley’s
Snooker Rules – Snooker Canada

Curling Rules

WCF Curling Rules – World Curling Federation


Darts Rules

WDF Rules and Regulations – World Darts Fed.
IDF Rules and Regulations – Int’l Dart Fed
PDC Basic 501 Rules – Professional Darts Corp.
BDO Darts Rules – British Darts Organization

301 Darts Rules – bargames101.com
All the 01 Rules – darts-uk.co.uk
Around The Clock Darts Rules – darts501.com
Baseball Darts Rules – American Baseball Darts Assn.
Bingo Darts Rules – pahnation.com
Cricket Darts Rules – darting.com
Dartball Rules – wikipedia
General Rules of Darts – mostdartgames.com
Killer Darts Rules – mastersofgames.com
Mickey Mouse Darts Rules – mostdartgames.com
Multi Player Darts Rules – crowsdarts.com
Scram Rules – nicedarts.com
Shanghai Darts Rules – dartspiks.com
Sudden Death Rules for Darts – richandposh.com
World Soft Darts Rulebook – WSDA

Dragon Boat Racing Rules

IDBF Rules – Int’l Dragon Boat Federation

Dodgeball Rules

IDA Dodgeball Rules – Int’l Dodgeball Federation
Beach Dodgeball Rules – English pdf


Equestrian Sports Rules

Rules from many Equestrian Sports – Eq. Australia


Fencing Rules

see Combat Sports

Field Hockey Rules

FIH Rules
Rules of Hockey – English pdf FIH – International Hockey Fed.
Indoor Hockey Rules – English pdf FIH
Beach Hockey Rules – English pdf
FIH Rules of ID Para-Hockey – English pdf
FIH – Rules of Field Hockey – FIH Website

NCAA Field Hockey Rules – NCAA.org
Simple Rules and Helpful Tips – fieldhockey.org
NFHS High School Field Hockey Rules – NFHS.org
Outdoor Women’s 7v7 Rules – Boston Ski and Sport
Women’s Indoor – English pdf – New Castle County

History of Hockey Rules 1876 – Present – Blackheath Hockey

Figure Skating Rules

Variety of Figure Skating Rules – Skate Canada

Floorball Rules

English pdf – IFF Floorball Rules – Int’l Floorball Federation
Russian pdf – IFF Floorball Rules
French pdf – IFF Floorball Rules
Spanish pdf – IFF Floorball Rules
Dutch pdf – IFF Floorball

Flying Disc – Frisbee Rules

WFDF Beach Ultimate Rules – World Flying Disc Fed.
English pdf – Beach Ultimate 4 on 4 Rules WFDF
English pdf – Beach Ultimate 5 on 5 Rules WFDF
WFDF Freestyle Frisbee Rules
WFDF Disc Golf Rules
PDGA Disc Golf Rules – Professional Disc Golf Assn.

Football Rules

American Football Rules
NFL Football Rules

Australian Football Rules
AFL Laws of the Game English pdf
AFLQ Rules Resources

Canadian Football Rules
Canada Football Rules
CFL Football Rules – English pdf

Futsal Rules
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game – English pdf

European Football – Soccer Rules
IFAB Laws of the Game
Beach Soccer – beachsoccer.com Rules
Speedball Rules – Int’l Table Soccer Fed.


Goal Ball Rules

see Parasports

Golf Rules

R and A Golf Rules – The R and A
USGA Golf Rules – US Golf Association
International Mini Golf Rules – World MiniGolf Sports Fed.


Handball Rules

International Handball Rules – IHF English
Co-ed European Handball Rules – English pdf – U of Toronto
European Handball Rules – English pdf – Dalhousie Campus Rec
Handball Rules for Beginners – English pdf – IHF
IHF Handball Rules – English pdf – IHF
IHF Handball Rules – French pdf – IHF
Olympic Handball Rules – NBC Olympics
Special Olympics Handball Rules – English pdf – Special Olympics
Street Handball Rules – 12 Languages

Hockey Rules

Ball Hockey Rules – Canadian Ball Hockey Assn.
Field Hockey Rules – see Field Hockey
Floor Hockey Rules – University of Lethbridge
Ice Hockey Rules – Hockey Canada
IIHF Ice Hockey Rules – English pdf – Int’l Ice Hockey Fed.
IIHF In-Line Hockey Rules – English pdf
NHL Hockey Rules – English pdf – National Hockey League
NIHA In-Line Hockey Rules – Eng pdf – Nat’l In-Line Hockey Assn.
Pond Hockey Rules – Excellent Ice
Shinny Hockey Rules – English pdf – City of Edmonton
Underwater Hockey Rules – English pdf – Yukon Diver

Hurling Rules

The Rules of Hurling – video
GAA Rules – Gaelic Athletic Association


Ironman Rules

English pdf – Ironman Rules


Judo Rules

see Martial Arts

Jujitsu Rules

see Martial Arts


Kickball Rules

Kickball League of Hampton Roads

Kin-Ball Rules

Kin-ball Rules in 6 Languages – kin-ball.com

Korfball Rules

IKF Korfball Rules – International Korfball Federation
Beach Korfball Rules – English pdf


Lacrosse Rules

FIL Lacrosse Rules – Federation of International Lacrosse
Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Rules FIL – English pdf
Men’s Field Lacrosse Rules FIL – English pdf
Mixed Field Lacrosse Rules FIL – English pdf
Women’s Field Lacrosse Rules FIL – English pdf
Wheelchair Lacrosse Rules FIL – English pdf

Ladder Ball Rules

Rules of Ladder Ball – tosso.com

Life Saving Sports Rules

ILSF Life Saving Sports Rules ILSF
ILSF Rules English pdf
2017 World Games Rules ILSF – English pdf


Martial Arts Rules

Jujitsu Rules – Jujitsu America
Judo Rules – pdf from Special Olympics
Karate Rules – World Karate Federation
Muay Thai Rules – MuayThai-Fighting.com
Muay Thai Scoring Rules – MuayThaiJudging.com
Sumo Wrestling Rules – see Wrestling
Unified Rules and Regulations – from UFC Website


NCAA Rules

NCAA Sports and Playing Rules Committees

Netball Rules

INF Rules of Netball – International Netball Federation
English pdf INF Netball Rules
French pdf INF Netball Rules
Hebrew pdf INF Netball Rules
Spanish pdf INF Netball Rules



Parasports Rules

IBSA Goal Ball Rules – Int’l Blind Sports Federation
FIL Wheelchair Lacrosse Rules – English pdf
Special Olympics Rules – All Sports in the Special Olympics
Wheelchair Rugby Rules – Int’l Wheelchair Rugby Fed.

Pickleball Rules

IFP Pickleball Rules – English pdf – Int’l Pickleball Fed.
Basic Rules of Pickleball – Pickleball Canada

Polo Rules

FIP Grass Polo Rules – English pdf – Federation of Int’l Polo
FIP Snow Polo Rules – FIP
HPA Arena Polo Rules – Hurlingham Polo Association


Quidditch Rules

US Quidditch RulesUS Quidditch


Racing Rules

America’s Cup Racing Rules – Sailing
Formula 1 Racing Rules – Formula1.com
FIM French Grand Prix Rules – International Motorcycling Fed.
Ironman Rules – see Ironman
World Sailing Rules – World Sailing

Racquetball Rules

Basic Rules of Racquetball
Racquetball Rules
Doubles Rules for Racquetball
Outdoor Racquetball Rules

Robotic Sports Rules

FLL Rules – First Lego League

Roller Derby Rules

WFTDA Roller Derby Rules – Women’s Flat Track
JRDA Officiating Junior Roller Derby Rules and Resources

Rugby Rules

Beach 5’s Rugby Rules – World Rugby Leisure Rugby Laws
Beach 5’s Rugby Rules – English pdf – WRLR
Indoor and Beach Touch Rugby Rules – Touch Rugby Canada
Rugby League Laws of the Game – English pdf – Nat’l Rugby League
Wheelchair Rugby Rules – see Parasports


Sailing Rules

see Racing

Skateboarding Rules

Freestyle Skateboarding Rules – 2017 World Roundup

Shooting Sports Rules

ISSF Shooting Sports Rules – Int’l Shooting Sports Fed.

Soccer Rules

see Football

Softball Rules

ISPS Slow Pitch Rules – Int’l Slow Pitch Softball
Intramural Softball Rules
Softball Rules Simplified – English pdf
WBSC Softball Rules – World Baseball Softball Conf.

Spikeball Rules

Spikeball Rules – USA Spikeball

Squash Rules

World Squash Rules and Regulations – WorldSquash.org

Surfing Rules

Surfing Rules – World Surf League


Table Tennis Rules

ITTF Table Tennis Rules – English pdf Int’l Table Tennis Fed.
Basic Table Tennis Rules – pongworld.com
Para Table Tennis Rules in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Tennis Rules

Beach Tennis Rules – Paddleball Galaxy
ITF Tennis Rules – International Tennis Federation
ITF Beach Tennis Rules – ITF
Rules and Scoring in Tennis – Tennis.com

Track and Field Rules

Track and Field Rules – multiple events


Ultimate Rules

see Flying Disc


Volleyball Rules

FIVB Beach Volleyball Rules – pdf English French Spanish Arabic German Russian
FIVB Rules in English, French and Spanish
Beach Volleyball Rules Vancouver
FIVB Wallyball Rules – English pdf
Sitting Volleyball Rules – SittingVolleyball.org
Tripleball Rules – English pdf Volleyball Canada
World ParaVolley Rules – English pdf

VX Rules

VX USA Rules


Water Polo Rules

see Aquatics

Waterski Rules

Barefoot Waterski Rules English pdf
Waterski – Disabled Technical Rules English pdf

Wiffle Ball Rules

The Rules of Wiffle Ball – wiffle.com

Wrestling Rules

A Quick Guide to Olympic Wrestling – Olympic Video
Collegiate Wrestling Rules – NCAA
High School Wrestling Rules – NFHS
Professional Wrestling Rules – Wikipedia
Sumo Wrestling Rules – Sumo Talk
Turkish Wrestling Rules – turkishwrestling.com




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