Rookies and Retirees 

Collection of Referees and Umpires

Rookies and Retirees RefereeWelcome to our Rookies and Retirees Collection of Referees and Umpires. This collection introduces you to new faces in the world of sports officiating and pays tribute to those who have come before.

The Rookies:

The rookies on this page are new to their level in whatever sport they officiate. Whenever a sports official advances through the certifications and exams to begin a new level of competition, he or she becomes a rookie. It happens multiple times in most sports. While an official may be the top referee or umpire at the college levels, they will instantly be branded a rookie again if they ever decide to advance to professional sports leagues. You will find their posts in this collection.

The Retirees:

You will also find posts that honor the retirees in all sports. I extend my deepest respect to all those who have come before and left the next generation a legacy to build from. For better or worse, the times are changing, and the traditions of days past are critical to the future of sports. It is always nice to see when referees and umpires are celebrated for their contributions to their sports. This is our humble attempt to keep the memories alive. 

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Please enjoy our Rookies and Retirees Collection!

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