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How to for referees and umpires image 1The How To Do Almost Anything page is a fun and educational collection for referees and umpires in all sports can learn things they didn’t even know were things. See how the officials in other sports prepare mentally and physically for the big games. Their experience and wisdom will help your game get better.

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In this Collection you will find posts that answer questions like How to become a referee? How to make your own wooden whistle? How to make a throwing flag for football?

You asked for it, you got it!
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Links to all your sports rules are now on one page.

Of course I could go on and on. This is a great place to find information that crosses over between sports. ‘How to beat the heat?’ is an excellent example of valuable advice that works in all sports. There are countless more questions and answers that can help officials in all sports.

How to for referees and umpires image 2Be sure to read our article How to Recruit, Train and Retain Sports Officials. We posted it in this collection, too. Have fun!

There are over 100 pages of referees and umpires across the website, highlighting dozens of sports. The site was created using over 10,000 Twitter posts and retweets. Plus, we added hundreds of links, videos and podcasts from around the world. Providing easy access to education, entertainment and important information to sports officials of all stripes. Thanks for visiting today. We hope to see you again! Have an excellent day!

Personal Note:

If you are like me, this will quickly become one of your favourite collections. I love learning ‘How To’ do almost anything. I always want to know how it is done, how it’s made and how it happened. Asking questions is what I do (as my loved ones roll their eyes and nod their heads). Building this collection for you has been a fascinating learning experience and I loved every minute of it. I always look forward to finding new posts that can be placed here. I hope you enjoy the page as much as I do. Jim

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