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7 Trends FitnessIn modern day sports the Health and Fitness levels are phenomenal and it is crucial that the referees and umpires can keep up with the pace set by the players. Elite level soccer referees can run up to 12 miles in a 90 minute World Cup match, while a varsity field hockey umpire will run about 3 miles or 5 kilometers. Fatigue is known to have a negative effect on decision making under pressure so you can see why it is important to be in the best condition possible.

While you scroll through the Health and Fitness for Referees and Umpires Collection below, please enjoy listening to these Mental Health and Sports Officials Podcasts presented by Umpire Referee. This is a very important topic that most of us would probably prefer to avoid. You can find out here why we should not avoid talking about mental health issues.


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Athletics image 3This collection is filled with links with diet and exercise tips to help you get into even better shape than you are now. There are a number of health related posts that deal with sickness, injuries and charitable works. Find links to contacts, health news and organizations to help referees and umpires rise to the challenge and pass all of the physical tests required by their sport. Whether you are calling the shots in the local little leagues or you have ambitions to advance to the next level, this collection can help.

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