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Awards and Recognition

for Referees and Umpires Collection

The Awards and Recognition contains Awards image 1Referee and Umpire Award posts. Referee of the Year and Umpire of the Year and even a few thank you notes every once in a while. Recognition for a job well done by sports officials of all stripes from all around the world. See the stars of today and the stars of tomorrow as they develop in their home associations!

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The very best officials are honoured here. Young and old, male and female, in all sports, at all levels. Congratulations to you all! You are a winner and an inspiration! While many of the posts in this collection will be awards from leagues and associations, there are also many posts where random people just want to say thanks for doing a great job!

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Trophy image 2You never know who may show up on this page. It could be an elite professional referee from the international stage, or it may be you! Watch for your local officials and friends because if their awards caught my attention in the search feeds, there post will be in here. Have fun!

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There are over 100 pages of referees and umpires across the website, highlighting dozens of sports. The site was created using over 10,000 Twitter posts and retweets. Plus, we added hundreds of links, videos and podcasts from around the world. Providing easy access to education, entertainment and important information to sports officials of all stripes. Thanks for visiting today. We hope to see you again! Have an excellent day!

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