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As a fun way of highlighting the top referee and umpire posts for the week, the 3 Stars feature was started at the Twitter feed on January 22, 2016. Each week, every post gets looked at Star Faceseparately and if it stood out for the week, for whatever reason, it gets added to the list of candidates. Sometimes there are about 15 or 20 awesome posts and a long list names that need to be eliminated. Sometimes I can agonize over it for hours 🙂 but I enjoy it and it does give a pretty good look at who some of the top officials are in the world right now. 3 stars website image

In January 2017, I started posting the 3  Stars as a blog post so I could show the original posts and explain why they were selected as stars. There is no set formula for how to make the selections. Sometimes I let the followers choose with the number of likes or RT’s, and sometimes I just choose something interesting that caught my eye. Sometimes I try to do a combination and let the followers choose 2 while I choose one. It can vary from week to week.

 3 Stars 2017 Top Referees and Umpires in the world today: 

Week-01 January 06
Week-02 January 13
Week-03 January 20
Week-04 January 27 
Week-05 February 03
Week 06 February 10
Week-07 February 17
Week 08 February 24
Week 09 March 03
Week 10 March 10
Week-11 March 17
Week 12 March 24
Week 13 March 31
Week 14 April 07
Week 15 April 14
Week-16 April 21
Week 17 April 28
Week 18 May 05
Week-19 May 12
Week 20 May 19
Week 21 May 26

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