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Serious Stuff.

Schools, Rules and Tools

for Referees and Umpires

DreamsThe Serious Stuff page has a list of Schools Rules and Tools that will Educate and Motivate Referees and Umpires in All Sports. Whether you are looking for the rules of your game or the latest referee and umpire assignments, this is the list that will get you there fast.

Included are some of the Officials101 Articles to give you insights into Sports Officiating and our Collections in such categories as Charitable Events and Jobs.

Although these Collections are designed to help referees and umpires take care of business, we hope that you will also find them entertaining.

The Serious Stuff List

3 Stars Weekly 3 Stars Selections in 2017

7 Trends to Watch for Referees and Umpires – 101 Article

Assignments and Appointments – for Referees and Umpires

Awards and Recognition – of Sports Officials everywhere.

Championships – World Cups to Little League Champs Collection

Charitable Events – involving Referees and Umpires Collection

Conferences – Meetings and Summits Collection

You asked for it, you got it!
The Officials101 A – Z List of Sports Rules
All your Sports Rules on one page.

Education Collection – Mostly Schools and Training Opportunities

Equipment – Gear and Accessory Collection for Referees and Umpire

Halls of Fame – the Ultimate Honour for All Sports Officials

Health and Fitness – is critical in today’s sports world

How To – Do Stuff – A Fascinating Collection

How to Recruit, Train and Retain Sports Officials – 101 Article

International – Collection of posts that are not in English

Jobs Collection – Jobs Posts and Resources for Sports Officials

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Management – Posts of interest to the Management of Sports Officials

RefEdge Pro Product Trial – 101 Article

Rookies and Retirees – New Beginnings and Grand Exits

 Rules and Signals – Collection of posts for All Sports Officials

Supporting Cast – Collection for Linesmen and Assistant Referees

Whistles – A Collection for The Whistle

Women’s Sports Officials – Female Referees and Umpires

Youth – Youth Sports Officials and Kids

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