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referee umpire multisport olympicsWhile the world was watching the athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, Officials101 was keeping tabs on the referees and umpires. There were hundreds of sports officials joining the 10,500 athletes in Rio de Janeiro, August 5-21 2016.

A record number of National Olympic Committees – from Albania to Zimbabwe – participating in a record number of sports – from archery to wrestling – in the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.

Alhambra Nievas olympics rugby

Alhambra Nievas

Elite athletes competing at the Olympics require elite referees and umpires and this collection is where you will find them. With over 200 countries competing in 28 different sports, a lot of referees and umpires are needed to ensure the rules are followed, signals are clear, and calls are correct. Browse their posts of photos and stories in this collection Share the moment as officials give us a look at their Olympic experiences. Learn which countries the referees and umpires represent and how they attained the Olympic level of officiating.

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Kylie Seymour  Olympic Field Hockey Umpire
Michelle Joubert Olympic Field Hockey Umpire 2016 Gold Medal Game
Fanneke Alkemade Olympic Field Hockey Umpire
Alhambra Nievas Olympic Rugby Referee 2016 Gold Medal Game


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Some Referees and Umpires from the 2016 Olympic Games:

Olympic Handball Referees

Guro Roen Handball Referee 2016 Olympics Women’s Gold Medal Game
Kjersti Arntsen Handball Referee 2016 Olympics Women’s Gold Medal Game
Our Officials101 Handball Referees Collection. 

Olympic Field Hockey Umpires

Michelle Joubert Field Hockey Umpire Twitter 2016 Olympics Women’s Field Hockey Gold Medal Game
Fanneke Alkemade Field Hockey Umpire Twitter
Melissa Trivic Field Hockey Umpire Twitter
Kylie Seymour Field Hockey Umpire Twitter.
Coen van Bunge Field Hockey Umpire on Twitter.
Deon Floppy Nel Field Hockey Umpire Twitter 2016 Olympics Men’s Gold Medal Game Video
Sarah Wilson Field Hockey Umpire Twitter. 2016 Olympics Women’s Bronze Medal Game
Our Officials101 Field Hockey Umpires Collection.

Olympic Rugby Referees

Alhambra Nievas Rugby Referee Twitter 2016 Olympics Women’s Rugby Gold Medal Game Referee
Our Officials101 Rugby Referees Collection.

Olympic Sailing Umpire

Alan Baser Sailing Umpire Chief Umpire and part of the Olympic Sailing Umpire Team for all events
Our Sailing posts are placed into the Officials101 Racing Collection

Paralympic Table Tennis Umpires

Mike Meier Table Tennis Umpire 
Our Officials101 Parasports Officials Collection

WaterPolo Referees

 Jim Cullingham WaterPolo Referee Making it all happen!
Our Officials101 Aquatics Officials Collection

Olympic Golf Referees

Steve Rintoul Golf Referee Member of the Olympic PGRA Team
The PGRA Website Professional Golf Referees Association
The PGRA Twitter
Our Officials101 Golf Referees Collection

Olympic Basketball Referees

The NBRA Website NBA Referees Association
Steve Anderson 2016 Olympics Men’s Basketball Bronze Medal Game
The NBRA Twitter
Our Officials101 Basketball Referee Collection

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Please enjoy our Olympic Sports Officials Collection!

Find out more about referees and umpires working the Games including Alhambra Nievas in Rugby or Michelle JoubertKylie Seymour and Fanneke Alkemade in field hockey. See what it takes to officiate traditional Olympic level sports like boxing, volleyball, basketball and equestrian and hear about refereeing in the newest Olympic sportsgolf and rugby sevens. The Olympics Collection showcases the skills and talents of referee and umpire athletes worldwide.

There are over 100 pages of referees and umpires across the website, highlighting dozens of sports. The site was created using over 10,000 Twitter posts and retweets. Plus, we added hundreds of links, videos and podcasts from around the world. Providing easy access to education, entertainment and important information to sports officials of all stripes. Thanks for visiting today. We hope to see you again! Have an excellent day!

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Michelle Joubert FieldHockey Umpire

Michelle Joubert FieldHockey Umpire

August 21 2016

The Officials101 #RefsofRio Final Medal Count

5 Gold Medal Games
2 Bronze Medal Games
3 Medal Rounds as Team Members

Wow! Congratulations to all of you! It is such an incredible achievement just to be selected to attend the Olympics. An honour bestowed only upon those who have trained hard enough, and long enough to excel in their sport and rise to the top of their game as an elite sports official. To be awarded a medal game is the equivalent of an athlete winning a medal, so these results are astonishing and I am humbled beyond words. I will try to collect my thoughts and follow up with a blog about this totally unique experience we have shared together in the next few days.
For now, please accept my sincerest congratulations to all of you who were in Rio. Medal games or not! You were awesome! You did such an amazing job representing your country, your sport and sports officials around the world! Thank you for lighting the torch for the future!


Olympic Referees and Umpires at @Officials101T 

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