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Hurling refereeWelcome to the Hurling and GAA Referee Resources and Collection. Hurling is an exciting sport that uses a referee and is native to Ireland. Also known as The Fastest Game on Grass the game was first introduced to me by @RefConf on twitter and I loved it right away. This sport goes back 3,000 years and I think it is important that the game, and its close Gaelic relative, a women’s game called Camogie, should have a page of their own to showcase their referees and share their passion for their sport with the rest of us.


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The rules are governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association, also known as GAA. There are two teams of 15 players each. The object of the game is to use a stick, called a hurley, to hit a ball, called a sliotar, into the opposing teams goal. Leagues have been popping up everywhere and the contact game is now played around the world. Its popularity is growing steadily outside the Emerald Isle as more and more sports fans learn of this fast and exciting game.

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Hurling and GAA Referee Collection by @Officials101T

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