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NHL LogoThe NHL Hockey Referees Resources and Collection is filled with virtual links to contacts, news, videos and behind the scenes looks into the lives of the officials in the National Hockey League.

The sport of hockey is a fast, dangerous and exciting game at any level. The NHL provides the highest caliber of professional hockey in the world and the officials have to be the best of the best. The commitments and sacrifices made with the goal of becoming an elite official are tremendous in any sport. The addition of skating skills and the fast pace of the game played at the NHL level make this job one of the most difficult officiating jobs in the world.

Have you had a chance to check out the Team Stripes podcasts for hockey refs yet? While you explore our collection below, you can listen in as Brandon Bourgeois interviews the former NHL Referee, Paul Stewart.

Or listen here as Brandon interviews NHL Linesman Vaughan Rody. Please enjoy!

Click here to see the current NHL Officials Name List.

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NHL Officials Association Website
NHL Officials List
NHL Rules
Officials in the NHL Hall of Fame
Zebras Care Foundation

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Scouting The Refs

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You can’t follow the NHL Referees without checking out Scouting The Refs. This is an incredible resource for any sports fans who want to learn about hockey referees.

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Living the Dream

Kevin Pollock NHL Hockey RefereeYoung hockey officials all over the world, dream to officiate an NHL game in the world’s top professional hockey league. For others, officiating big league games is already a full-time career. Watch them as they share their daily lives and learn what it takes to be one of the best in the world.

Read inspiring stories on officials, follow along on their journey to the big stage, and be there when they hang up their treasured jersey.

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