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iihf logo2The IIHF Hockey Referee Resources and Collection contains links to all things relating to the officials of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Find links to contacts, news and the latest information about what is happening on the international stage of ice hockey



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IIHF Rules including In-Line Hockey

The IIHF Officiating webpage includes the Procedures Manual and all your Casebooks and Guides. If you only visit one page, this is it.

How to Operate an Ice Rink

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Olympics, Worlds and more.

IIHF officials call the shots for World Championships, Olympics and dozens of international IIHF image 1events that are hosted by the International Ice Hockey Federation every year. Watch the stars shine. Follow along with the men and women who travel the world and officiate some of the biggest hockey games of the year.

hockey referee image 2International sports are always pressure packed games where passion is driven by national honour and a desire to be the best. The officials in these games must be well trained, both physically and mentally, to ensure that the rules are followed and both teams have a fair and equal chance to win the game.

To be a hockey referee on the international stage is a dream come true for thousands of officials around the world. Follow their dreams here and learn what it takes for you to become an elite ice hockey official!

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