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EPL Football Referees image 1 logoOur English Premier League, or EPL Football Referees Collection and Resources page is where to find everything you need to know about the referees and assistants in one of the top football leagues in the world. You will find 100s of links to assignments, contacts, photos, news and more in the EPL Collection.

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The Premier League

Commonly known as The Premier League, the EPL is an English professional league for men’s association football clubs. At the top of the English football league system and the country’s primary football competition, the Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world.

While 47 clubs have competed since the inception of the EPL, only six have won the title: Manchester United (13), Chelsea (4) Arsenal (3), Manchester City (2), Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City (1). The current champions are Leicester City, who won the title for 2015-16.

There are 20 teams in the EPL and each club plays the others twice, for a total of 38 games in a season that runs from August to May. This means 380 matches in a season – most of them played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and some others on weekday evenings. The referees are some of the best in the world and absolutely fascinating to watch.

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Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), formed in 2001 to improve refereeing standards, manages the officiating in Premier League, English Football League (EFL) and Football Association (FA) competitions. PGMOL trains, develops and mentors referees and assistant referees. The most high profile officials, the full-time professional Select Group referees, officiate in the Premier League matches. Select Group referees attend training camps for physical and technical training sessions and analysis of match videos. PGMOL plays an active role in developing referee standards, supporting the FA to develop referees in England and working with referees across the world.

Across the website, there are over 100 pages of referees and umpires in dozens of sports. Football has more than any other sport covering everything from the junior levels up to the World Cup. Have fun and explore! Thank you for visiting! Have a great day!

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