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Carl Cheffers NFL RefereeThe NFL Referees and Umpires Collection is packed with Referee and Umpire contacts, news and resources from the National Football League. American football history began in the 1860’s when association football was crossed with the game of rugby.
The NFL was formed in 1920 and has grown to become one of the most commercially successful leagues in the world. Originally known as the American Professional Football Association, the league was renamed to the National Football League in 1922. There are now 32 teams and they average over 60,000 fans per game. The league continues to make inroads internationally, in countries like England, and the fan base continues to grow. The future looks pretty bright for the league. Have fun!

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National Football League Website 

2020 NFL Rulebook

Current NFL Video Rulebook

The Evolution of the NFL Rules

The Pursuit of Perfection The History and Evolution of the Officials

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There are a number of high profile referees, judges and linesmen in the league. Have fun exploring this collection full of articles, videos and photographs. Learn all about Sarah Thomas, Ed Hochuli, Clete Blakeman and many more. So, kick back, relax and have a browse through history, rules and fascinating facts about Officials in the National Football League.

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