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Football North American image 1Football, North American style. Referees and Umpires in the Gridiron style of North American football are all placed in this collection. Everything from the fun of high school sports to the excitement of the pros and their Super Bowls and Grey Cups.


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Whether it is the big names you recognize from your weekend football diet of chips and television, or it is the friends, family and local sports fans from the neighbourhood you saw down at the field on Tuesday, if they blow whistles for football games in North America, they will be in this collection.

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Football North American image 2A Little History

North American Football started up in both Canada and the USA in the 1860’s. Using a blend of rules from Association Football and Rugby, both countries have created very similar but unique games. Despite their similarities and differences, one thing football fans can agree on, on both sides of the border, is that football is a very exciting sport. Teams of officials including referees, umpires, linesmen and judges are all needed to keep order. It is so important to have enough officials at the junior levels so our future superstars have somewhere to spark a dream. Ambitious officials often spark their own dreams at the junior levels as well.

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