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Darts image 1The Darts Referee and Umpire Resources and Collection page contains links to dart rules, contacts and associations. Darts is a great game played in pubs, clubs and basements around the world. The officials are generally known as referees but occasionally called umpires as well. Normally a very safe game, depending on the pub, club or basement, darts is a throwing game of accuracy where small, sharp, missiles are thrown at a numbered board and scored according to the position they land. Assuming they hit the board of course (I’m just sayin’).


Basics of Keeping Score

Rules of 501 Explained by Ninh Ly

Michael van Gerwen plays – Around the Clock

Basic Cricket

Have you Kick Darted yet?

Just for fun – How It’s Made – How They Make a Dart

And What is Inside a Dart Board?


Dart Basics

Darts Rules

WDF Rules and Regulations
IDF Rules and Regulations
PDC Basic 501 Rules
BDO Rules

301 Rules –
All the 01 Rules –
Around The Clock Rules –
Baseball Rules – American Baseball Darts Assn.
Bingo Rules –
Cricket Rules –
Dartball Rules – wikipedia
General Rules of Darts –
Killer Rules –
Mickey Mouse Rules –
Multi Player Rules –
Scram Rules –
Shanghai Rules –
Sudden Death Rules –
World Soft Darts Rulebook – WSDA

More Great Dart Links

The Wikipedia Dart Page is very detailed and interesting

List of PDC Tournament Darts Officials

Darts Analysis Website

Darts Punditry Twitter

Danny McNamara Referee Twitter

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Golf DartboardA fun game, loved the world over, but also a very competitive one where the passion and suspense are almost as intense to the fans as they are to the players. Dart referees are there to keep order and pace in the craze and excitement of tournaments the world over.

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