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UFC Referee Mike BeltranThe UFC Referees Resources page is filled with links that show you all about the Ultimate Fighting Championship officials and their roles in the cage as well as their lives outside the cage. You will find names like Big John McCarthy, Herb Dean, and Marc Goddard, who are usually called on to watch over the biggest fights, and Kim Winslow, who is the first female UFC referee. Meet Mario Yamasaki and Daniel Movahedi and the rest of the stars you watch at UFC events around the world.

2020 World MMA Referee of the Year Awards:

Meet The 2020 World MMA Awards nominees for the Referee of the Year Award. The Top 5 MMA Referees of 2020.

John McCarthy, UFC Referee, goes over the MMA Unified Rules.

Big John McCarthy with MMA Unified Rules changes.


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Unified Rules of MMA

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The Beginning:

What started out as a small tournament called The War of the Worlds in Brazil, the UFC would eventually be founded in November of 1993 and explode into world wide pay per view record smashing trend setter that it is today.

What’s here:

You will find dozens of links to referees, clubs, associations and events from around the world, in this collection of Ultimate Fighting Championship Referees.

We have also included a few videos and podcasts so that you can hear it straight from the best that this sport has to offer, right here. While you explore the UFC Referees Resources Collection below, we hope that you will enjoy listening in on this old Herb Dean podcast interview as he talks about some of the biggest fights of all time. You can also watch these Big John videos as he tries to give you the tools to join them all on the big stage. Have fun!

There are over 100 pages of referees and umpires across the website, highlighting dozens of sports. The site was created using over 10,000 Twitter posts and retweets. Plus, we added hundreds of links, videos and podcasts from around the world. Providing easy access to education, entertainment and important information to sports officials of all stripes. Thanks for visiting today. We hope to see you again! Have an excellent day!

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