Jeff Copperthite Baseball Umpire

Jeff Copperthite

Baseball Umpire

Jeff Copperthite is a baseball umpire, a fitness coach and a school teacher.

Born in 1980 in Wallingford, Connecticut, in the United States.

Jeffrey Copperthite Baseball UmpireJeff started off wanting to be a musician. By the end of high school he had learned how to play 11 instruments including the Trombone, Bass Guitar, and Drums. He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2003 with his Bachelor’s Degree, became a certified teacher in 2004, and graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2007 with his Master’s Degree in Education.

Jeff became an umpire in 2007 with the desire “To get outside more and move around”. He quickly moved up to Varsity level baseball by 2010 and so far has officiated 1 state tournament game and numerous league tournament finals.

Jeff is now a high school math teacher working on his administrative certification, and is also a fitness coach specializing in helping people get in shape, lose weight, and eat better. His business is called STEMFitness, named after the subjects he teaches (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Jeff resides in Connecticut with his family.

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Jeff Copperthite has produced the first ‘Made for 101’ video for our Baseball Umpires page. A great little video called ‘Why Become a Baseball Umpire’. As we produce more educational baseball umpire videos together, we will place them here for you. Be sure to subscribe to Jeff’s youtube page to see more of his work!

Jeff Copperthite Baseball Umpire Education videos sponsored by Officials101. Please enjoy!

Why Become a Baseball Umpire?

Can You Fill in? A crash course for parents asked to umpire a baseball game.

These mechanics are proper for a 90 ft and 70 ft diamond. However, Little League positioning would actually be BEHIND the base in these general areas (so you can rule on runners stealing)

The Misunderstood Baseball Rules Series
With Jeff Copperthite

Misunderstood Baseball Rules
Video 1
Infield Fly Rule

Misunderstood Baseball Rules
Video 2
Fair/Foul Balls

Misunderstood Baseball Rules
Video 3
Foul Tip

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Misunderstood Baseball Rules
Video 4
Dropped 3rd Strike

Misunderstood Baseball Rules
Video 5
The Baseline

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