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MLB image 3Baseball Umpire Resources and Collection contains links to contacts, articles and videos that include training, advice, and history covering every level from the Little Leagues to the pros.

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Please meet Jeffrey Copperthite in this video called ‘Why Become an Umpire’.


Baseball Umpire Schools

Wendelstedt Umpire School Website
Wendelstedt Umpire School Twitter
Wendelstedt Umpire School Facebook


Little League Baseball Rules
MLB Baseball Rules
MLB Baseball Rules – English pdf– Major League Baseball Rules
MLB Baseball Rules – Spanish pdf – Major League Baseball

Umpire Signals

Umpire Signals video from the Arizona Baseball Officials Association

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My Dad

When I was growing up, I spent hundreds of weekends with my Dad at the baseball park. Dad would umpire both baseball and softball. The kid’s leagues used to love having him because he always umped their games for free.

The men’s leagues were always fascinating to watch. It is amazing how tense things can get at a beer league championship series. Occasionally, the players and the fans would get a little cranky with him because they didn’t like his calls. There were a couple of times when I was frightened by the men yelling at him but I never saw it get to Dad. I never saw it bother him, so it never really bothered me. I loved going to the park with him and if people were yelling at him, well, it just didn’t matter to either of us. My love of sports was born in those days. This collection is dedicated to my Dad, Cec Clarke. I love you Pop!


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Baseball has always been one of my favourite sports. I truly enjoy browsing through the daily baseball news looking for the great umpire stories. There are tons of awesome links on this page. Everything from training sessions at the local park to the life of big league umpires who are working hard for an appearance in the World Series. I always like reading articles about the guys in the minor leagues who are working their way through the levels and waiting for their big break. The long and grinding road to the show is just as steep for the umpires as it is for the players.

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