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NFL Officials Uniforms historyOur Fashion and Style Collection will show beyond a doubt that Referees and Umpires can be a little eccentric. With class of course. Whether it is the huge variety of jerseys and kits for arena professionalism, or the personal flair of life away from the game, you will find it all in this collection.

While you are scrolling through the Fashion and Style for Referees and Umpires Collection of posts, we are pleased to present this Team Stripes Podcast as Brandon interviews Eric Arrigo of the Hockey Ref Shop about the importance of looking good while officiating.


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In the sports world it is common for fans to make comparisons and have great Fashion and Style image 3discussions about team jerseys. Professional leagues and teams spend millions to do research and hire designers who do their best to find just the right mix of colour, fit, style and functionality. There is quite a fuss made over the whole process and teams and fans are filled with great pride when new kits are trotted out for the press release. The team jerseys on this page are from the third team in the game, the officials.

The world of sports officiating is filled with unique personalities. Some show their flair by dancing and some by singing. Some show their stuff in the way they dress. From zebra socks and zebra suits to lederhosen and tuxedos. Spaced between all the jerseys and kits are fun and personalities showing officials loving life.

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