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Collection for Referees and Umpires

Collectors Items nfl 8 ball referee stripes Sports CollectiblesThe Sports Collectibles Collection is filled with collectors items like referee and umpire toys, books, pins, medals and whatever else happens to show up in the Officials101 search feeds that would be considered to be a collector’s item.

Sports Collectibles inside the Collection are in no way connected to Officials101. I like them, I don’t sell them, so I made this page for referee and umpire collectibles fans out there. If I ever decide to sell some, I will make sure you know it is from me. 🙂 Jim

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Please enjoy our Sports Collectibles Collection!


I see little collectible items all the time in my hunt for great content for Officials101 and I think some of them are pretty cool. After a while I just thought it would be interesting to start saving the links to the collectibles so they would be easy to find if we needed a quick post.

There are some very cool items inside this collection and the page is one of my favourites. If you like antiques and items that are just plain wacky, weird and wonderful, then this is a great page for you. If you have any referee and umpire collectibles that you think deserves a place in this collection, then let us knows, because we would love to share it on this page.

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Collectors Items Collection by @Officials101T

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