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Referee and Umpire Party Collection

 The Referee bucket party favorCelebrating Success! Referee and Umpire Party Collection is all about the fun side of sports. When you need ideas for Referees and Umpires parties, this is where you learn the recipes for some nice little referee cookies, cakes and all kinds of little party favors.

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This collection is another Officials101 Exclusive. It is all about the party. Having a bit of fun. Find great party ideas and recipes that are critical during those big championship games around the TV with your friends and loved ones. Cakes, cookies, dancing, balloons and great party fun with referees and umpires in all sports.

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Birthday cake image Celebrating SuccessHave you got a party going on? Do you have a knack for great party ideas that celebrate the lives and achievements of sports officials? The people in these posts sure do. Have some fun and send us your photos! You never know, we may end up posting them right here so you can share your celebration with officials all over the world!

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Celebrating Success! Collection by @Officials101T 

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