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Technology and Sports OfficialsThe Officials 101 Technology Collection for Referees and Umpires is where we keep the cool stuff about technology and how it affects officials in all sports. This collection has links to all the news and names in sports technology. Another one of my personal favourites, this page has been a lot of fun to build. Rapid changes in technology have sports all over the world, scrambling to keep up. The long awaited acceptance of video technology to the game of soccer by FIFA has the huge federation running trials on multiple continents. The VAR, Video Assistant Referee, is eagerly anticipated by referees and fans alike, and you can follow the progress in this collection.

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As the quality of personal electronic devices and cameras improves, all of the technology you see in this collection can just as easily show up in your local high schools as it will at the Olympics or the next World Cup. Sports officials are quite excited about it all, and for the most part, welcome the help that tech can bring to them. Have fun!

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