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This is the current NHL Officials Name List as posted by the NHL Officials Association. There is much more information available at their website. We have many photos, numbers and all kinds of fascinating facts about this elite group of athletes. Be sure to check it out.

NHL Officials logoThe NHL is considered by many in the hockey world to be the top professional league in the sport. The NHL officials in the list below are typically some of the very best referees and linesman the game has to offer. Although fans of the game can be harsh judges, these men are deeply respected by officials in other sports because of the added demands of skating at such a high level. If you are a young ref checking out the current roster of heroes with a glint in your eye, I can tell you this – learn to skate, and learn to skate very well if you want to blow the whistle at this level. Keeping up to some the greatest skaters in the world will never be an easy task.

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The List:

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