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This is the current CFL Officials Name List for the Canadian Football League as posted at the CFL  Officials Association website. The CFL is the highest level of football in the country. These referees, umpires and line judges will be the top football officials in Canada. Having officiated at all levels of the game, many have shared the same experiences as you. And every up and coming football official across the country. New officials will learn everything it takes to become a great football referee, umpire, judge or linesman by paying close attention to the outstanding people referred to in this list.CFL Canadian Football League logo

There is more information about the CFL Officials at the Officials101 CFL Officials page. There are tons of entertaining and interesting facts about the game and the life and times of this elite group of people, both on and off the field. If you have been looking for ways to get to know Canadian football officials, you have come to the right place.

The List:

I grew up watching the Canadian Football League and have remained a fan for many, many years. During the early part of the season, I am often outside in the sunshine catching a BC Lions game on the radio. If my team makes it through into the playoffs and hopefully the Grey Cup game, I am inside the house watching the television. It is usually snowing by this part of the season. 

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