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Bowls image 1Bowls and bowling associations often use officials such as referees or umpires to officiate for one of the most popular games in the world. Find links to contacts, news, rules and tons of other great information for and about your favourite bowling games. You will find lawn bowls, 10 pins, 9 pins, and even 7 and 5 pin games. If candle bowling, table bowling or the Crown Green are what you are interested in, then this is where you want to be! Whether you are a bowling referee, a bowls umpire or you just want to check on some bowling rules, we’ve got you covered!

Some great Bowling Referee and Bowls Umpire links:

World Bowling Website
Special Olympics Bowling Website

Bowling 101 from the PBA
The Ultimate and Complete History of Bowling

Bowls USA – How to Become a Bowls Umpire
Complete pdf of 5 Pin Bowling Tournament Officials Clinic

A variety of Bowls and Bowling Rules

Some Bowling Videos for you.

How to Play Bowls

The Basics of Ten Pin Bowling

Keeping Score in Duckpin Bowling

How to Play Five Pin Bowling

Bowling Rules

Bocce Ball Rules
Bocce Ball Rules – Basic Backyard Bocce
Bocce Ball Rules – English pdf – US Bocce Fed.
Bocce Ball Rules – Beach

Bowling Rules –
BCGBA Laws of the Game British Crown Green Bowling Assn.
PBA Bowls Rules – Professional Bowls Assn.
World Bowling Rules and Statutes pdf

5 Pin Bowling Rules
9 Pin Bowling Rules
10 Pin Bowling Rules

The Rules of Bowls
Candlepin Bowling Rules
Duckpin Bowling Rules
Irish Road Bowling Rules
Lego Robot Bowling Rules
Petanque Rules
Shuffleboard Bowling Rules
Team Bowling Rules
Wacky Bowling Rules – English pdf – 10 pin
Wheelchair Bowling Rules
Wii Bowling Rules – English pdf

How To Keep Score in Bowling

Bowling – The Basics of Keeping Score

How to keep score for DuckPin Bowling
Free online DuckPin Bowling Calculator

A simple explanation How to keep score for 10 Pin Bowling
A free online 10 Pin Bowling Score Calculator

More Great Resources

Bowls USA Links Page
Bowling LinksAll Over The World

Links to PBA pages

Professional Bowls Association

Bocce and Boccia Links

Boccia Canada Twitter
Bocce Standards Association
Top 18 Bocce Referee Profiles on LinkedIn

The British Crown Green Referees Society BCGRS
English Bowls Umpires Association EBUA

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At least 5000 years old:

Bowling is one of the oldest games that we know of. Bowling balls and pins were found in an Egyptian tomb that is over 5,000 years old. Various forms of lawn bowling games have been played for just as long and with almost as many variations on rules. Alterations to the basic rules are usually made to accommodate the different types of playing surfaces that are available. Some are flat, some are rolling and hilly, and of course, they are all different sizes. One of the fascinating aspects to the sport of bowls and bowling is the diversity of the games.

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Bowls image 4On this page we have listed links to bowling rules, associations and the people who are important to the officials of the games. If there are links that you think should be added to this page, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for websites that are helpful to referees and umpires in any form of bowling.

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