3 Stars

Week 04
January 27, 2017

3 Stars 2017 Week 4

  1. Darren Spurgeon Hockey
  2. Women in Baseball
  3. Halfling Referee

3rd Star

3rd Star goes to the Halfling Referee post made by the Circus of Paint twitter account shows the Blood Bowl Referee figurine from Forge World. Always on the lookout for the weird, wacky and wonderful in the world of sports officials, this post was a no brainer for a geek fan of the Fantasy genre.

2nd Star

Women in Baseball was tweeted by The Wendelstedt Umpire School. They make a very good point wondering why people just assume that being a baseball umpire is a ‘Man’s Job’. There are female umpires in baseball and they are working hard to learn and move through the ranks. Most sports are struggling to make real progress with gender bias, and baseball is no exception, but women of sports should know that they are not alone and the battle is being won every day in communities around the world.

1st Star


3 Stars 2017 Top Referees and Umpires in the world today

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