3 Stars

Week 28
July 14, 2017

3 Stars 2017 Week 28

  1. Jan ter Harmsel Football Referee
  2. Randy Vogt Soccer Referee
  3. Hillary Lissenden Boxing Referee

These are the 3 Stars selected for Week 28 in 2017. Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t, but read on below to find out why they were chosen. They were selected from posts that were added somewhere on the Officials101 website in the last 7 days. Stay tuned next week to find out who are the most notable referees, umpires and sports officials in the world today.

3rd Star

Hillary Lissenden is a Boxing Referee in England. She is also the Director of England Boxing, which is the National Governing Body for the sport in the country, and the CEO of London Community Boxing. Lissenden took a few moments to be interviewed by Rachel Bower of the Women’s Coaching Network and talk about her role as the senior female referee in the country. For leading the way into the future, Hillary Lissenden is 3rd Star this week.

2nd Star

Randy Vogt has been a Soccer Referee for 40 years. He was still in college when he reached his 1000th game. It has been a little while since those days and Vogt is quickly approaching match 10,000. That is an amazing feat in any sport, but it is even more amazing when it is all logged out and recorded for history. As the special game approaches, Vogt has decided to use the opportunity to try and raise some money for inner city kids. For the incredible persistence of a kind heart, Randy Vogt is 2nd Star.

1st Star

Jan ter Harmsel is well known to the followers of the Officials101 twitter feed. I have posted and reposted many of Jan’s excellent articles of advice and guidance that are not only helpful to the Football Referee, but helpful to officials in all sports. The Dutch Referee was quietly giving advice and inspiration in the background during the early days of 101 as I tried to learn the ropes of social media and figure out what to do with the unexpected attention received by the Officials101 page. Jan’s passion and natural teaching ability has been noticed by KNVB, also known as the Royal Dutch Football Association, which is the governing body for all level of soccer in the Netherlands, and they have hired him to be one of their instructors for their training programs. It is always fun to watch as 101 followers progress and advance in different ways, and I offer my congratulations to Jan for his successes of today and the future. Jan ter Harmsel is 1st Star for Week 28.

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3 Stars Archives This weekly feature began on January 22, 2016. We began writing about it in the blog in January 2017.

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