3 Stars

Week 23
June 09, 2017

3 Stars 2017 Week 23

  1. Jeff Copperthite Baseball Umpire
  2. Brian Chrupalo CFL Football Referee
  3. Linus Ohlund IIHF Hockey Referee

These are the 3 Stars selected for Week 23 in 2017. Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t, but read on below to find out why they were chosen. They were selected from posts that were added somewhere on the Officials101 website in the last 7 days. Stay tuned next week to find out who are the most notable referees, umpires and sports officials in the world today.

3rd Star

Being a referee or an umpire on the international stage is a major goal of sports officials all over the world. Linus Ohlund is a Hockey Referee and he was wearing RefCam technology during the IIHF World Championships held last month in France and Germany. For sharing his experience and insights as an International Ice Hockey Referee, Linus Ohlund is 3rd Star this week.

2nd Star

Brian Chrupalo is a Canadian Football Referee who is participating in the Referee Development and Exchange Program created by the CFL and NFL Football Leagues. This is a fantastic article about growing up on the streets of Winnipeg and how the experience led to his appearance on the field with the biggest names in North American Football. Brian Chrupalo, Football Referee, is 2nd Star.

1st Star

Jeff Copperthite is a Baseball Umpire. Jeff had an idea that his baseball umpire videos would look great on the Officials101 Baseball page, and he sent me a message to see what I thought. After some discussions we decided to work together and produce educational videos with Officials101 acting as the sponsor. This video is not only our first production together but it also the very first Officials101 sponsored educational content ever produced for the website. A sign of things to come in a very exciting future for sports officials at Officials101. For playing a huge role in the development of the Officials101 website and sharing with all of us ‘Why Become a Baseball Umpire’, Jeff Copperthite is 1st Star for Week 23.

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3 Stars Archives This weekly feature began on January 22, 2016. We began writing about it in the blog in January 2017.

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