2020 World MMA Referee of the Year Nominees

The 2020 World MMA Awards have presented the following 5 referees as nominees for the 2020 Referee of the Year Award:

Herb Dean

Jason Herzog

Mike Beltran

Frank Trigg

Marc Goddard

2020 Top 5 MMA Referees: Herb Dean - Jason Herzog - Mike Beltran - Frank Trigg - Marc Goddard
Public voting for the award opened on July 01, 2020 and will continue for 8 weeks. The awards presentation and black tie dinner is planned for sometime in October 2020. The details will be announced after this writing, but you will be kept updated by the nominees themselves in the collection below.

Have Your Say and Vote:

Do you want to have your say on who will be the Top MMA Referee of 2020? Click the link in this post to take you directly to the voting page.

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The posts below include only posts made by this years nominees. It updates automatically in real time as the world’s top 5 MMA referees in 2020 share their experiences before, during and after the big night.

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Here are your real time twitter posts from the 2020 Top 5 MMA Referees. Enjoy!

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