Soccer Referees Give RefEDGE PRO Two Thumbs Up

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Stand-up vanishing spray gets on-field workout

By Jackie Pearase, Content Editor

            Soccer referees are saying that RefEDGE PRO, a new stand-up vanishing spray, is a stand-out product.

            Vanishing spray, or vanishing foam, is used by soccer referees to provide a temporary visual marker to keep players of the opposing team to the minimum distance from the ball during a free kick and to mark the spot from which the kick is taken.

            The use of vanishing sprays is said to have reduced free-kick downtime by almost 50 per cent and resulted in fewer yellow cards and more goals since becoming part of regular play about five years ago. It ensures rules are followed and fair play for all. 

            The new take on the vanishing spray intrigued Officials101 founder Jim Clarke and when he wanted to test it, Michael Radchuk came to mind.

      Michael Radchuk RefEdge game      As owner of Rent-A-Ref, Michael has connections with officials of all the major sports so getting him to test a sports-related product was a natural fit.

            Michael, a 13-year referee in his second year as a USSF national referee, first gave RefEDGE PRO a try at a USL match in September and found it to be a superior product on many levels.

            “RefEDGE PRO was very convenient to carry. I actually forgot I had it at times,” he said after the game. “It was very easy to use and very easy to return to the holster. Some competitor products require you to unclip the spray to use it, while RefEDGE allows you to take the can out of the holster and allows you to put it back in so you don’t have to search for the clip itself.”

            Michael has used different vanishing sprays in various weather conditions as an official for USL, NCAA D1 and US Soccer matches with mixed results. He had some difficulty using RefEDGE PRO on wet grass and Jason Record, co-founder of RefEDGE PRO, said practice is all that is required.

            “There is no way to make a perfect spray in all conditions but we have come close since you can vary the spray on your own and with a little practice, you’ll know what is required for different situations and you then have the perfect spray,” Jason explained.

            He said slowing down the spray speed creates a more foam-dense line that will stand up to such conditions. A normal speed pass will create a line lasting about 45-60 seconds.

            “You can truly vary the dwell time from about 30 seconds to 5+ minutes if you wanted.  The typical target for most is 60-90 seconds and is easily achieved with practice,” he added.  Soccer referee equipment

            A small can of RefEDGE PRO contains approximately 130 linear feet of foam – or two to four games depending on the game and usage.

            But the thing Michael likes best about the product is the ability to use the spray while standing.

            “We’re always told to keep our eyes out on what’s going on,” he explained. “Dead balls can be one of the more troublesome situations as players tend to get into extracurricular activities like pushing and stuff. By staying upright, it benefits the referee by having him/her keep an eye out on what’s going on.” 

            Jason said feedback on RefEDGE PRO has been positive from soccer officials and associations such as CONCACAF, NCAA, NASL and US Soccer.

            He said the company is also making some changes to improve its performance including an updated, locking Gripcage™ holster (patent pending) that will ensure the holster cannot go upside down when using its top-, side- or tilt-entry. A new, paddle-style VersiClip™ will include a larger back clip to make the can more stable.

            Michael said RefEDGE PRO is something he will definitely use again and recommend to others.

            “I recommend it to all, especially as you move upward through the ranks,” he said. “It’s lightweight, easy to use,and provides immediate communication and understanding to the players and the audience that it is a ceremonial free kick (on the whistle) when spray is pulled out.”

RefEDGE PRO’s proprietary formula is safe for all grass and artificial turf and contains no parabens. The Gripcage™ comes in four colors and easily attaches and detaches from the belt.

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You can watch Michael using RefEDGE PRO Vanishing Spray in this exciting 2016 USL season finale match between the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC and the Orange County Blues FC at Anteater Stadium in Irvine, California. Check it out here!

Full Disclosure: As a result of these positive trials, RefEDGE PRO is now an affiliate marketer on the website. This article was written by Officials101 using information provided after testing by Michael Radchuk of Rent-A-Ref and comments from RefEDGE PRO co-owner Jason Record.

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RefEDGE PRO update: February 2017

RefEDGE PRO is the fastest growing vanishing spray company in the world.  Launched in January of 2016, we have already been used by and have partnered with La Liga (Spain); AFC; Venezuela Premier League; LPSQ; NASL; NPSL Championships; ACC; Ivy League; BIG TEN; and many more NCAA College teams across the USA.  We are also forming relationships with the US Soccer, Canada Soccer and many more referee departments for upcoming soccer events.

Our RefEDGE PRO spray is designed different from all others on the market.  It is made to spray while standing up and not bending over.  This helps the referee keep their eyes on the game and maintain their authority by not having to bend over in front of the wall.  Also, our spray disappearing time (dwell time) is variable or changeable and this depends on how you spray it.  If you move the spray can fast when you spray, it will make less foam and the line will disappear fast.  If you move the spray can slow, it will make more foam and the line will disappear slow.  You can make lines that last 30-40 seconds or lines that last 3-4 MINUTES.  A normal speed line in regular conditions will last about 90 seconds.  With our spray and being able to stand up and spray, the jet type spray is also windproof up to 15-20MPH wind.  Our spray is designed for the referee to decide how they need the line at that moment.  Need it to last longer time – spray slow… Need it to last shorter time – spray fast.  Players also prefer our RefEDGE PRO because it is not too foamy and tall and does not impede their view of the ball and field on free kicks.  Our GRIPCAGE™ holster is also a game-changer and is the easiest, fastest and most versatile holster in the world.  It can be worn horizontally, vertically, or free swinging and the RefEDGE PRO™ spray can be inserted in the top, side-wards or midway – fast.  It also comes in all the colors of the referee shirts and we can make special custom colors for leagues or events.

Our can is also small but makes more lines than others.  We get 130 feet of line out of one can of spray.  Other competitors are 40-80 feet and their cans are much bigger. 

We also have a “warning” when the can is almost empty.  We call this the “airy warning”.  When you see the airy warning when spraying and the jet type spray changes to more mist, then there are still 30 feet of line in the can and you can still make lines by holding it close to the ground.  This helps so you do not run out of spray in the middle of a line like other sprays.  This warning tells the referee to get a new can soon.


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