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Alhambra Nievas Rasta RasivhengeThis collection contains some of the very top referees and umpires on the planet, regardless of gender. FieldHockey Umpire, Michelle Joubert and Alhambra Nievas, Rugby Referee, were, in my humble opinion, 2 of the Top 3 Sports Officials in the world in 2016. You will find many links following their spectacular season, including gold medal appearances as #RefsofRio at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Follow along and get to know female referees and umpires in all sports. Find contacts, rules, schools and tools in this collection where the women in sports officiating are celebrated. Female Sports are exploding around the world. Women and girls are participating in all sports in record numbers and they are changing the world. Watch here as women’s professional leagues flourish and expand and women start officiating in the men’s leagues.

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Michelle Joubert Field Hockey Umpire
Fanneke Alkemade
Field Hockey Umpire
Kylie Seymour Field Hockey Umpire
Alhambra Nievas Rugby Referee

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