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 The whistle has a long and fascinating history that has seen it used in music, industry and law enforcement before eventually being adopted as the standard game stopper in the world of sports. In this collection you will learn who invented whistles and who is responsible for introducing the tool to the various sports around the world. Even with all the advancements happening in sports world today, it is still hard to find a technology that has had a deeper impact across all games than the simple whistle. Video tech may change that over time, but for now, the whistle rules!

Most sports officials use a whistle to make the big call. Not all of them of course, baseball umpires and cricket umpires are two examples of sports officials that do not use whistles, however, a large majority of referees and umpires do. This collection contains links from whistle manufacturers, collectors and users. Learn How To Blow a Whistle and How To Clean a Whistle. Learn some history and have some fun. 

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