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This collection contains all Roller Derby Referee links. You will find contacts, news and great resources with all the rules, schools and tools you need to become a Roller Derby Referee.

Roller Derby is an exciting combat sport played by two teams. Both teams race around a track, either a flat track or a banked track, and score points by ‘lapping’ each other. They alternate between offense and defense, and battles occur all over the track as players do everything physically possible to either score or defend.

An entire team of skating and non-skating referees is required to keep an eye on the chaos as it is a moving mass of helmets and elbow pads. In a great spirit of fun and showmanship, roller derby referees take on the coolest names and they display them on the backs of their striped jerseys. This collection started from my amusement at the creativity of the names and grew to include the great resources.

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Roller Derby Wikipedia 

WFTDA Website Women’s Flat Track Derby Association
MRDA Website Men’s Roller Derby Association
MRDA Officiating How to Become a Roller Derby Official

JRDA Website Junior Roller Derby Association
LA Derby Dolls Enforcers Website 

Roller Derby Rules – WFTDA Roller Derby Rules – Women’s Flat Track
Roller Derby RulesJRDA Officiating Junior Roller Derby Rules and Resources

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