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Polo Referee TShirt from Robin Welker Sanchez From the Sport of Kings, our collection of Polo Referees and Umpires is filled with links to contacts, news and associations from around the world. Polo is a team game from Persia that is played on horseback, and is older than written history. Often travelling at over 30 miles per hour, riders use a mallet to hit a ball through goal posts to score. The team with the most goals at the end of the match wins.

An incredibly fast game, polo requires a vigilant officiating team that includes a referee, an umpire with line officials, scorekeepers and timekeepers. Pretty much every rule in this sport pertains to the safety of the riders and the horses and it is critical that the officials are well trained as riders as well as knowing the rules of the game.

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Polo on Wikipedia 

History of Polo

Federation of International Polo 

Polo Rules

Polo Rules – FIP Grass Polo Rules – English pdf – Federation of Int’l Polo
Polo Rules – FIP Snow Polo Rules – English pdf – FIP
Polo Rules – HPA Arena Polo Rules – English pdf – Hurlingham Polo Association

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