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Netball World Cup 2015The Netball Umpire Collection contains hundreds of links to contacts, news and resources. When I get asked questions about the variety of sports we follow here at Officials101, I tell them that Netball is the sport that has the most fun. The umpires and players are enthusiastic and have great spirit and it is a real pleasure when their posts show up in the Officials101 search feeds.

The game of Netball was created in the 1890’s from the early versions of basketball. In the 1950’s, efforts were begun to standardize the rules and the International Netball Federation was eventually formed in 1960. There are now 5 regions and over 70 countries in the federation. The Netball World Cup is played once every four years. In 2015, Australia won the championship tournament for the 11th time in Sydney. The 2019 World Cup tournament will be played in Liverpool, England. Follow the umpires and associations and get familiar with the stars who are planning to be at the next World Cup.

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Netball Rules – INF Rules of Netball – International Netball Federation
Netball RulesINF Netball Rules – English pdf
Netball RulesINF Netball Rules – French pdf
Netball RulesINF Netball Rules – Hebrew pdf
Netball RulesINF Netball Rules – Spanish pdf

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