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Korfball image 1Korfball referees can tap into tons of information, contacts, news and resources in this collection. Find 100s of links to everything about korfball right here.

Developed in the Netherlands in 1902 by Nico Broekhuysen, korfball is a fast-paced dynamic game involving components of netball, basketball and handball. It is the only mixed-sex team ball sport in the world and is played in over 60 countries. Korfball was featured as a demonstration sport in the 1920 and 1928 Summer Olympics. The International Korfball Federation Korfball image 2(IKF), formed in Belgium in 1933, was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1993.

Korfball has been part of the World Games since 1985, with IKF World Championships held every four years since 1978.

Korfball teams consist of four male and four female players and defenders and attackers regularly change positions, allowing all players to become adept in all positions. Teams compete to get a ball into a basket, or “korf”, on a 3.5 metre pole. The rules prevent blocking, tackling and holding, and kicking, dribbling or running/walking with the ball are also not allowed. This means communication and tactical teamwork are required to keep the ball moving.

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Korfball image 3Korfball referees must demonstrate knowledge of the rules of the game and how to apply the rules during play. A person’s score on the theory exam determines his/her level of qualification and all National League referees must have a Level 1 qualification (or at least 80 per cent). A qualified assessor determines your practical qualification level by observing you while refereeing at least two games. The highest practical qualification level is ‘A’, followed by ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘Q’, which is the basic qualification. ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ level referees can officiate National League games while ‘A’ level referees generally have some international experience.

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