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Golf Title imageThe Golf Referee Collection shines the spotlight on the men and women who are quietly working in the background of all the great tournaments we see on the weekend TV. Of course, there are referees and umpires from all sports who love to play the game of golf when they aren’t calling the shots at arenas and parks around the world. I have added their selfies and celebrations to this page as well, so take a close look and you may just find the referee or umpire from your hometown championship games having a little fun! 

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Golf Glove with Referee StripeFor the aspiring golf referee, you will find all the golf rules, contacts, news and training opportunities from the top associations in the world on this page. There are links to the governing bodies of golf, the R and A, and the USGA. Be sure to follow along with the PGRA, or Professional Golf Referees Association as they tend to all the top golfing events, including the Olympics. If you want to learn about officiating the game of golf, they are the ones you want to be looking into. Great people, too! Golf is one of my favourite sports and this is one of my favourite collections, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

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The R and A Website
The R and A Twitter
The R and A Rules of Golf 

USGA Website
USGA Twitter
USGA Rules of Golf  

The Professional Golf Referees Website PGRA
The PGRA Twitter 

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