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MLS Logo image 1Watch MLS referees officiating in the top professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. Find your assignments, news, links, contacts and behind-the-scenes looks into the league and the lives of officials. 

In the 2016 MLS season, the league implemented a new Video Assistant Referee MLS image 2system (VAR), and working closely with FIFA, has been a world leader in the testing and implementation of the new technology. The system is designed to help on field officials make the correct call by using information provided by assistant referees watching replays and communicating with the on field official. The official can then take into account this information when assessing their call. Besides the United States, the VAR system is currently being used in Brazil, Germany, and Portugal among others. 

CMLS image 3urrently there are 20 teams in the MLS and the league has announced plans to expand to 28 in the near future. With a 34 game season, the current staff of officials will be expanding as well. The Professional Referees Organization, also known as PRO Referees, is responsible for providing officials to FIFA and CONCACAF leagues and tournaments. All officials at MLS games are a part of this organization and have been given the highest level of training. Scroll down to find links to the MLS, PRO and even IFAB.

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