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soccer ball photo2This Collection has hundreds of links to football referee news, contacts and training in associations and leagues around the world. All levels. All leagues.

This Collection has got the largest library of links out of all the sports in the Officials101 Collection of Collections. Football is, by far, the most popular sport on the planet and there are lots of excellent resources for referees. You will find everything from the most famous elite officials to the grassroots weekend warriors. World Cup challenges, Olympic qualifiers and friendly beer league games between the buddies on a Friday night.

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Acme Brass WhistleThere are links to hundreds of leagues, associations, training and support groups. There are so many awesome visual links to referee resources in this collection that I doubt that you could ever see them all. You can try I suppose but it will take days. Football does a fantastic job of producing helpful postings that teach everything you ever need to know about the Laws of the Game. A number of the followers of Officials101 are very actively providing training and support programs for referees. You will find them all in this collection. Enjoy!

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Football Rules

IFAB – The Laws of the Game 

The History of The Laws of The Game 1863 to Present

Football Referee Hand Signals from US Soccer

 More Great Football Links


AFC Website 

CAF Website 



OFC Website 

UEFA Website 

 Jan ter HarmselI would like to thank Jan ter Harmsel for all his help and support during the early days of the creation of Officials101. You might know him as @dutchreferee on Twitter or maybe you have been following his Dutch Referee Blog. Jan is a journalist when he is not calling the shots on the football pitch and he writes a fantastic blog. One of the best in any sport, in my humble opinion. For me, Jan has been a voice of calm and reason. He has been patient with my silly questions and helped me stay focused when I needed it. Thanks Jan!

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Please enjoy our Football – Soccer Referee Collection!

Football Soccer Referee Collection by ‎@Officials101T 

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