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This Collection is loaded with contacts, rules, news and personalities in all levels of this exciting sport. The FieldHockey Umpire world is very active on social media and this page updates often!

Support for Officials101 from the Field Hockey community has been incredible right from the start. They love their sport and they are truly having fun. I have had the opportunity to interact with so many great people in the fieldhockey community since creating Officials101, and it has been a real pleasure and an honour to get to know some of these fantastic athletes.

Michelle Joubert FieldHockey Umpire

I was thrilled to see how many of Officials101 followers went on to umpire at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. I had been following their careers closely for quite some time, and I knew how excited they all were for this great opportunity to be on the world stage. It was a phenomenal display of umpiring skill throughout the entire games, so when Michelle Joubert was awarded the Gold Medal Game, it was a real statement to her talent. You can follow Michelle and all of the other fantastic fieldhockey umpires in the collection below.

You can also have fun visiting all the links we have added to the page. Schools, rules, tools and more for the field hockey umpire.  

You asked for it, you got it!
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Kylie Seymour FieldHockey UmpireHaving said all that, you should know that even with all the star power of these elite Olympic athletes, there is still so much more to explore and discover . There are 100’s of links to leagues, associations, training and interviews with field hockey umpires around the world. You will find practical information like rules and signals or possibly even find friends in places all over the world.

Follow along with the news and careers of field hockey umpires at all levels and leagues everywhere. Remember show your appreciation to the post creators by giving a click to the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons for your favourite posts! 

Officials101 Chats with FieldHockey Umpires:

FieldHockey Umpire – Michelle Joubert – #RefsofRio
FieldHockey Umpire – Fanneke Alkemade – #RefsofRio
FieldHockey Umpire – Kylie Seymour – #RefsofRio

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FieldHockey Associations

FieldHockey AssociationsFIH – International Hockey Federation

Field Hockey Rules

Field Hockey Rules – FIH Rules of Hockey – English pdf – International Hockey Fed.
Field Hockey RulesFIH Rules of Indoor Hockey – English pdf
Field Hockey RulesFIH Rules of Beach Hockey – English pdf
Field Hockey RulesFIH Rules of ID Para-Hockey – English pdf
Field Hockey RulesFIH – Rules of Field Hockey – FIH Website
Field Hockey RulesNCAA Field Hockey Rules –
Field Hockey RulesSimple Rules and Helpful Tips –
Field Hockey RulesNFHS High School Field Hockey Rules –
Field Hockey RulesOutdoor Women’s 7v7 Rules – Boston Ski and Sport
Field Hockey RulesWomen’s Indoor – English pdf – New Castle County

Field Hockey RulesHistory of Hockey Rules 1876 – Present – Blackheath Hockey 

Field Hockey Umpire Signals

FieldHockey Hand Signals – Hand Signals of Field Hockey 

More Field Hockey Umpire Links

FIH Hockey Academy 

FHUmpires Website
FHUmpires Twitter 

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