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Cricket image 1This collection contains links to contacts, resources and news for cricket umpires. Find your favourite international test umpires as they work the biggest matches in the world today. Umpires of all nationalities can find training opportunities in local clubs or just stay up to date with the Laws of the Game by following the links below.  

Nobody is really sure when cricket was invented but the game was first recorded  in southern Cricket image 2England in the early 16th century. Next to soccer, cricket is the most popular sport in the world. With the introduction of more and more women to the game, the future looks bright for new umpires as the game grows in new Cricket image 3directions.

If you have links to training and resources for the cricket umpire that you think should be shared on this page, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to consider any links that will be helpful to cricket umpires everywhere.

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Learn the Basics of Cricket


ICC Website The International Cricket Council
ICC Twitter  
ICC Facebook 

ICC Rules and Regulations

ICC Umpire Appointments The ICC List of International Umpires

Cricket Rules

Cricket Rules at Wikibooks 

Cricket Umpires Technique Manual pdf document

The Laws of Cricket Lord’s Cricket Grounds

Laws of Cricket Videos are at Lord’s Cricket Grounds youtube page

Cricket Umpire Signals

Cricket Signals by BBC
Cricket Signals from the BBC Sport Academy Website
Cricket Umpire Signals Quiz 
The History of Cricket Umpire Signals
A very thorough pdf document with photos of Cricket Umpire Signals

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