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Combat image 3The Wrestling Referee Collection is filled with links to Olympic, high school, college and sumo wrestling as well as the professionals we see in the WWE. You will find contacts, news and resources in all styles of wrestling.

The history of wrestling goes back to prehistoric times. There is a 7,000 year old cave painting in Mongolia that shows two men wrestling in front of a crowd. A mural showing wrestlers was found in a 2,000 year old Egyptian tomb. Wrestling was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 708 BC. and has appeared in all but one of the modern Olympics since the 1896 rebirth of the Games. WWE wrestling was created in 1952 and grew to be the global phenomenon that it is today.

Follow along and learn from some of the best and wrestling referees in the world.

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United World Wrestling Website

Collegiate Wrestling
Collegiate Wrestling Rules NCAA National Collegiate Athletics Association
NCAA Wrestling Referee Signals pdf

Olympic – Freestyle – Greco Roman Wrestling
Quick Guide to Olympic Wrestling video
Wrestling Scoresheet pdf

High School Wrestling
High School Wrestling Rules NFHS National Federation of State High School Associations
NFHS Rules changes for the 2016 – 2017 season
NFHS Wrestling Referee Signals pdf

Professional Wrestling
Professional Wrestling Rules Wikipedia

Sumo Wrestling
Sumo Wrestling Rules Sumo Talk

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