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Jan 17 1942 – June 3 2016

Muhammad Ali RefereeOn March 31, 1985, Muhammad Ali put on a bow tie and stepped into the ring as the special guest referee in what would launch the incredible future of the amazing high energy wrestling Pay-Per-View extravaganzas known as Wrestlemania. When Muhammad Ali walked down the ramps to the ring, the new York crowd went crazy with love. The Greatest wore a slight grin as the standing ovation rocked the walls of Madison Square Garden. It was an Muhammad Ali image 2incredible moment.

It is because of that incredible moment that The Greatest became a sports official and thus created this page. The goal is to eventually collect up all of the officials of every single one of Muhammad Ali’s fights during his amazing boxing career, and place them into this collection.

Below we have placed some great Muhammad Ali links to help you along on your quest to learn about one of The Greatest sports personalities ever. See the lasting legacy of his courage, dreams and convictions and how they live on for us today. My apologies and a warning about offensive language in some of the WWE content in the collection.

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Muhammad Ali image 3I have a question for any historians who may come to visit. First, of course, Welcome!, I am glad you are here and reading our Muhammad Ali tribute. If you like historical trivia questions, then I have a beauty for you!

Please take a moment to look at this image. In the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, Muhammad Ali won his gold medal in the light heavyweight division by defeating Zbigniew Pietrzykowski of Poland. Pietrzykowski was the 3 time European Champion, Muhammad Ali was an 18 year old from Louisville Kentucky known by the name, Cassius Marcellus Clay. Those Olympic Games introduced Ali to the world. That fight introduced the future to a legend.

My question for you is this:

Who was the Olympic Boxing Referee in the ring when Muhammad Ali won his gold medal?

Muhammad Ali image 1Links to the 1960 Olympics Blue Books are included below. I have been through them more than once but I can not find the name of the referee. To be fair, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, it just means that I couldn’t find it. In my defence, I try to be a reasonably thorough person when I get into something, and I have spent some hours on this, so I hope I didn’t just miss it.  🙂 From my research, I believe the referee is from Russia. That is it, that’s all I know. If you have anything more to contribute to that, I would love to hear about it! Thank you. Jim

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Watch the WWE video of Muhammad Ali, Wrestling Referee, walking to the ring.

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