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GyojiThe Martial Arts Collection includes referees, gyojis and judges from all Martial Art disciplines, including Muay Thai, Taekwondo, UFC, Karate, Judo, Sumo and more! Contacts, news, personalities of from all associations including your favourite MMA Referees. Watch for Big John, Herb Dean, Daniel Movahedi and all the referees involved in your biggest fights. We have placed tons of links into this collection connecting you to a variety of martial arts disciplines.

Martial Arts disciplines from all parts of the world are generally steeped in tradition and ceremony. Spiritual philosophies and training systems are unique to each of the fighting styles depending on the country of origin and the history of combat in the area. As martial arts disciplines get more exposure through the cage fighting phenomenon that has swept the world in the last few decades, more and more referees are needed to keep some control over the chaos in the fight ring. Enjoy the collection!

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The California State Athletic Commission video – New Unified Rules of MMA


Martial Arts Rules – Judo Rules pdf from Special Olympics
Martial Arts Rules – Karate Rules World Karate Federation
Martial Arts RulesMuay Thai Rules –
Martial Arts RulesMuay Thai Scoring Rules –
Martial Arts RulesSumo Wrestling Rules –
Martial Arts RulesMMA Unified Rules and Regulations – UFC Website 

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