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Combat image 1Links to contacts, news and training for officials in the sport of boxing. Boxing is a combat sport, using a referee and judges, in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, and endurance by throwing punches at each other.

Although the sport of boxing took a hit with the rise in popularity of the MMA sports, it is battling back and winning the hearts of new fans and fighters all over the world. Women are jumping into the ring in huge numbers and learning practical defense strategies and improving their fitness levels.

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One additional benefit to the returning popularity of the sport of boxing is the need for more officials, more training opportunities for those officials and easy access to information. Officials101 provides you with quick links below to find important information quickly and the collection to help you stay current, find new contacts and track down fresh training information. 

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Kenny Bayless on What it Takes to Be a Boxing Referee

Introduction to Boxing Referee Actions by USA Boxing


Boxing Associations

Boxing Associations – AIBA Website International Boxing Association
Boxing Associations – AIBA Twitter 
Boxing Associations – AIBA Facebook 

Boxing Associations – WBO Website World Boxing Organization
Boxing Associations – WBO Twitter
Boxing Associations – WBO Facebook 

Boxing Associations – WBF Website World Boxing Federation
Boxing Associations – WBF Twitter
Boxing Associations – WBF Facebook 

Boxing Associations – WBA Website World Boxing Association
Boxing Associations – WBA Twitter
Boxing Associations – WBA Facebook 

Boxing AssociationsIBO Website International Boxing Organization
Boxing Associations – IBO Facebook 

Boxing AssociationsWBC Website World Boxing Council
Boxing Associations – 
WBC Twitter 
Boxing Associations – WBC Facebook 

Boxing Rules

Boxing Rules – AIBA Technical and Competition Rules 

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Officials101 A – Z List of Sports Rules
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This next video is just for fun! Watch Boxing Referee, Larry O’Connel, play the spoons.


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